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Laser Land Leveler

ASL Laser Star


As per studies, a significant (25-30%) amount of irrigation water is lost during its application at the farm due to poor farm designing crops. all these factor lead to reduced yield & poor grain quality. Farmers also recognize this and therefore devote considerable time & resource in leveling their fields properly. Laser guided land leveling makes leveling process easy, faster and cheaper.

  1. 25-30% saving of water. Saving water is like money.
  2. Land saving no need to make bunds & channels for irrigation.
  3. Increases yields by 10-15% due to even crop stands & full land utilization.
  4. Energy saving due to less requirement of water and tractor time for leveling
  5. Improvement in nutrient use efficiencies
  6. Weed control, Labour saving, Time saving, Land saving etc.

How Laser Leveller Works

The Laser-controller system requires a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, survey receiver, an electrical control panel and a twin hydraulic control valve. The laser  transmitter transmits a rotating laser beam, which is used as the reference datum by the laser receiver mounted on the leveling bucket. The control panel mounted on the tractor interprets the single from the receiver and opens or closes the hydraulic control valve, which raises or lower the bucker scraper.

Leveling requires soil to be shifted from the high points of the field to the low points in the most cost effective way. Fields need to be ploughed and a topographic survey undertaken before leveling commences.


Plough the field. Use rotary tillers, disc harrows or cultivators as appropriate. Remove all surface residues / roots etc so as the aid soil flow from the bucket. Conduct a topographic survey to record the high and low spots in the field.  From the surveyed readings establish the main height of the field by taken the sum of all the readings and dividing by the number of readings taken. Then using a field diagram and the main height of the field & determine a strategy to effectively move soil from the high to low areas. Position the laser-controlled bucket at a point the represents the main height of the field.

Set the cutting blade slightly above ground level (1-2 cm). Drive the tractor in a circular direction from the high areas in the field. Laser leveler controller automatically raises or lower bucket scraper as required. However during initial leveling it may sometime be necessary to move away from circular path and turn the tractor towards lower area of the field, as soon as the bucket is near filled with soil. Similarly as soon as the bucket is near empty the tractor should be turned and driven back to the higher areas.
When the whole field has been covered in this circular manner, the tractor and bucket should then do a final leveling pass in long runs from the high end of the field to the lower end.
The field should then be re-surveyed to make sure that the desired level of precision has been attained.

In wet areas where there is a poor traction or a chance of bogging the tractor, care needs to be taken to fill the wet areas in a circular motion.

LASER STAR LASER Guided Land Leveller
Now in two models

  1. ASL LASER STAR DS Model (Dual Slope)
  2. ASL LASER STAR DSD Model (Dual Slope with Display)


Transmitter ASL 800 DSD

Laser wavelength 635nm, Laser class classll/lll
Output range Diameter 800m, Rotation speed 600rpm to 1100rpm
Horizontal accuracy: ± 0.05mm/m, Grade Accuracy: ± 0.3mm/m,
Grade range X axis: -lXl + lYl =15%, Leveling range ± 50
Operating Temperature:  -200c ~ +600c,
Storage Temperature:  -200c ~ +700c
IP: IP66, Size : 220×200×280mm,


Weight 4kg (without batteries)

Transmitter ASL 800 DS

Automatic self leveling Transmitter with Dual slope control with case
Laser Type : Infrared diode; 635nm; Class 1;5 mw max Self leveling range: ± 4.5mm @100m
Slope Control ± 6% Dual Axis setting through remote control
Operating Temperature: -200c ~ +600c,
Storage Temperature: -200c ~ +700c



Two way remote with display which help set and displays slope.



For switching on / off laser transmitter and for setting slope

Survey Receiver Rod Eye

Reception: 1800, Capture height: 2" / 50 mm, Body: Moulded plastic Operating Temperature: -200c to 600c, Storage Temperature: -200c to 700c, Clamp capacity: 70mm

Mast Receiver (LR360)

360 degree Laser receiver with case and clamp for mounting Reception: 3600, Capture height: 8" / 203 mm, Coarse / Fine Accuracy Body: Shock resistant, polycarbonate / Die cast Aluminium Operating Temperature: -200c to 600c, Storage Temperature: -200c to 700c, Clamp capacity: 25 to 45mm

Control Panel

Power Input: 12V / 24VDC, 10Amp.Max Power Output: 12V / 24VDC, 10Amp.Max Coarse / Fine Selection, Operating Temperature: -200c to 600c, Storage Temperature: -200c to 700c, Display: Day visible LEDs, Charging circuit for transmitter battery

Tripod and Scale Combo with carry case

Open Tripod Height:2650MM Collapsed tripod Height:2000MM Telescopic Scale: 4m, Combo Weight 7.5 kg

Battery Pack for Transmitter

2 No.s Rechargeable Lead acid UPS batteries and 1 Battery case.


Battery Charger

12 VDC Charger from control box


Power Mast

Electric Operated Power Mast, 12VDC Power Supply From Control Box Used for initial setting of Mast Receiver for auto operation of Laser Leveler


Power / Solenoid / Control Cables

PVT multi core with Military grade screw couplers


Hydraulic Control System

Consisting of 12v solenoid operated direction Control valves & hoes

Hydraulic Cylinder

Double action 2.2 ton capacity @ 50bar

Drag / Box scraper

2 m WIDE, 0.6 Cu m CAPACITY

Key Advantages of ASL Laser Star Laser Guided Land Levellers

ASL 800 DS and ASL 800 Dual Slope Display Model

1. Dual Slope Models Can set slopes in both X and Y axis
2. High temperature diodes ensure no failure at high field temperature.
3. Windy mode The instrument is equipped with vibrate mode operation. Making it possible for you to work in high wind condition without interruption.
4. Long lasting batteries ensure you can work upto 60 to 80 hours on a single charge. Also battery charging facility through tractor battery is provided through the control box. This is very useful in areas with erratic electric power supply.
5. Electric power mast option makes setting the receiver height easy and fast. Also once set the receiver height does not vary unlike hydraulic power mast.

Additional advantages of the Dual Slope Display Model ASL 800 DSD

1. Display on the transmitter – The operator can set slope by directly entering the values from the transmitter keypad without having to use the rod eye receiver.
2. Remote with display – The remote helps in setting slope as well as monitoring slope from a distance without having to climb up to the transmitter which is usually at a height.
3. The operator while taking a break can switch of the transmitter with the remote and resume work from the last set slope by switching on using the remote.  




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